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Make immediate home loan products & pricing offers.

Home loan automation that enables lenders to reduce home loan time to offer by 75%.



Wow your customers

Stryd Lender - Automatic Risk Based Pricing Technology for Home Loan Lenders.

Automate offers

Grow faster

Wow your customers



Wow your customers

Secure new customers faster than your competitors.

Experience new growth with less effort and more confidence.

Automate offers.

Automate home loan product & pricing offers and activate risk-based pricing for each loan application.

Grow faster.

Offer your products significantly faster with a higher level of accuracy than your competitors.

Wow your customers.

Impress your customers and beat your competitors with immediate, tailored home loan product and pricing offers. No more waiting for humans to review applications and pricing requests.

Happy couple getting the a great home loan offer.
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Outperform the competition in 3 simple steps.

Book a demo to learn how you can make product and pricing offers in a matter of clicks.

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Go live with instant home loan offers.

Just like that, you are ready to share the results with your customer in a matter of minutes.

Stryd gives you options.

Stryd allows you to tailor product and pricing rules in line with your credit policies.

Connect to Stryd.

Book a meeting to learn how Stryd works and integrates with your existing systems.

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All the features you need to stay ahead of the curve.

Stryd offers you all of the features to grow and retain your trail book on your own terms.

Any distribution channel.

Stryd is a highly configurable solution that allows you to choose any lenders and their products.

Your data is secure

The information you share with Stryd is secure and protected. Stryd is compliant with Australian aggregators privacy policies, and CDR and AWS security standards.

Home Loan Technology

This is Stryd.

Home loan automation that provides real-time product and pricing offers for new loans, and automate trail book reviews and identify customers at risk in a matter of clicks.

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Do not let legacy systems & processes slow your growth.

Old technology and manual workflows are making it hard to grow. They are slowing processing times and reducing efficiency.

Stryd lets you grow faster with process automation, whilst seamlessly integrating with your existing systems and processes.

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Responsible growth

Configurable credit, product, and pricing rules ensure product and pricing offers are always compliant with internal and regulatory rules.

Seamless integration

Stryd seamlessly integrates with your existing systems and processes, so you can start delivering more value to customers with efficiency and ease.

Put your CDR data to work

Stryd uses your existing CDR data, allowing you to leverage your investment in CDR and gain a competitive advantage.