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Stryd: It’s About Time

Automated risk-based pricing means your customers will receive your home loan product offers faster while enjoying a higher level of confidence in your service and recommendations. Stryd helps you deliver a faster, more accurate, and more reliable home loan service. Meaning greater customer satisfaction and retention, increased credibility, and better recognition for your organisation; all of which are great for your bottom line.

What is Stryd

Powered by Regchain™, Stryd's innovative & configurable rules engine helps aggregators and lenders provide more reliable home loan product offers to their customer faster than ever before. Regchain's use of CDR information and an immutable database ensures accuracy and transparency for improved data provenance and compliance requirements.

The Stryd risk-based rules engine is highly configurable to each lenders credit policy and scales to accommodate multiple products and distribution channels. Stryd aligns to industry regulatory and data standards and reduces the time to unconditional approval by up to 75% - without compromising the quality of credit decisions. The software helps your customers realise their dreams faster, leaving them feeling more satisfied with your services and therefore more likely to return in the future. This gives you the upper hand over other banks and mortgage providers while driving responsible loan book growth.



How Does it Work?

Ensuring sustainable loan book growth while enabling a faster time to Yes, Stryd automates home loan credit and product policy rules, and provides faster home loan product pricing offers at the point of enquiry.

Not only does Stryd categorise Open Banking product and consumer data, converting it into digital risk scores, it also utilises a highly configurable credit, product, and pricing rules engine to automatically provide risk-based home loan product recommendations in real-time. That means customers receive more relevant product offerings at a highly competitive, risk-based price.

Why Stryd?

Traditionally, offering the right home loan product to your customer has been a long and complicated process, often leading to frustration and confusion on the part of the consumer. Dedicated to championing trust and transparency in the home loan ecosystem, Stryd dramatically decreases the time it takes to offer consumers the most suitable home loan product at the right price, while minimising risk, ensuring a win for banks, mortgage aggregators and consumers alike.

Our configurable rules engine enables real-time risk-based pricing, maximising lending margins. Stryd is designed to scale with you, meaning it can be used anywhere from a single organisation to an entire marketplace.

Stryd is the first solution to combine your home loan credit, product and pricing policies with CDR API's to better comply with industry and compliance rules. This allows you to provide more relevant and competitive home loan products to your customers faster.

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