Stryd for Brokers

Protect & grow your trail book revenue with automated reviews.

Identify customers at risk and offer new home loan products with confidence in a matter of clicks.


Automate processes

Retain more customers

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Improve efficiency

Automate processes

Win over more customers


Automate processes

Retain more customers

More valuable interactions with your customers.

Be the broker customers can't stop talking about. Do fewer manual reviews and have more valuable interactions with your customers.

Automate trail book reviews.

Automate your trail book reviews and improve your customer retention rates.

Grow & protect your loan book.

Identify customers at risk and secure your trail book revenue.

Offer more to your existing clients.

Stryd can tell you exactly how many of your customers qualify for a new product in a matter of clicks.

A female broker helping a client to find the most competitive product and pricing offer.

Stryd into the future of home loans in 3 simple steps.

Contact us today to see how Stryd can help you unlock new opportunities with existing customers.

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Stryd shows you customers that qualify for a more competitive product.

Just like that Stryd helps to protect your customers and retain your trail book.

Stryd identifies customers at risk.

We will process you trail book records to identify customers at risk.

Access Stryd

Book a meeting to learn how Stryd works and integrates with your existing systems.

Stryd Pricing Policies SettingsStryd Credit Confidence Rule
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All the features you need to stay ahead of the curve.

Stryd helps you to automatically access your trail book, to identify customers at risk.

Your data is secure.

We have built Stryd to the highest standards for data protection and security. Stryd is compliant with all Australian aggregators data privacy policies,  CDR and AWS security standards.


Stryd is customisable allowing you to select the lenders and their home loan products that are relevant to you and your customers.

Scale the product to your needs.

Our flexible license model allows you to seamlessly move between subscription tiers as you grow, so you can process as many trail book records as you need, without limit.

Home Loan Technology

This is Stryd

Home loan technology that allows you to automate trail book reviews and identify customers at risk in a matter of clicks.

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Don’t lose valuable relationships with clients to manual processes.

We understand that the home loan industry is highly competitive & the challenging interest rates environment makes it even harder to keep your customers happy.

Don’t lose clients due to slow manual processes. Your can spend more time supporting your clients when Stryd takes care of loan book reviews.

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